“Peanut. That’s my name”

This is an anecdote of when my friends and I once went to Starbucks. (Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a profligate. In fact, I’m quite the opposite, I penny pick in most situations). When we (my friends and I) have some work to do and need free WiFi for it, Starbucks is the place we go to. Our general routine being: buy one drink, split the bill, use their internet and sit there for hours together.

This time, it was my turn to place the order so I went to the counter to do so. You know how the barista asks your name to write on the cup and then when your drink is ready, they call out your name and you go get your drink? Yea so after paying for the drink, the polite barista asked for my name.

Unusually, feeling rather daring and mischievous, I, with a straight face told him, “Peanut”

He looked at me, slightly confused. “Uhm, I’m sorry ma’am, can you please repeat that?”

I, trying to control my laughter and succeeding at doing so, said, “Peanut. P-E-A-N-U-T”

The poor man just stared at me for a few seconds not really knowing what to do, so I urged him to write my name on the cup, “Peanut. That’s my name”

Slightly weirded out, he wrote it down. I went back to where my friends were sitting. I told them what I did and we had a good laugh. Then after a while, coming down from the high, my excitement died and I became my usual awkward self and decided to go wait before they called my name.

But it was too late.

Right before I was going to stand, the barista, softly called out “Peanut”. I could tell he was hesitant to call that out loud. Then, I immediately stood up to save myself from first-hand embarrassment and him from second-hand embarrassment.

But before I could make it to the counter, the cashier, an efficient little thing, having fed up by the timid barista, grabbed the cup from him and professionally yelled,” Peanut! Aye Peanut” with a slight local slurr.

Her voice echoed loud in the elite, quiet environment, making a lot of heads look up in judgement. I cringed while slowly walking towards her. She was so busy yelling “Peanut” that I had to wave at her and tell her that I’m the human she’s looking for.

She ignored all the looks we received and just handed me the cup before professionally yelling another person’s name.

I walked back, embarrassed, to my friends who were shamelessly laughing at me. I glared at them, waiting for them to stop but that never happened so I dropped the glare, took the drink and drank it, knowing that they aren’t going to be concerned about their share of the drink  amidst all that laughter.

After drinking the sweet caffeine-filled- drink to my heart’s content, I joined them in their laughter.

I anyway got payback. I drank 90% of fancy Starbucks coffee for just 40 ($0.55).

– Yet again, the only writer at Aninspired

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