Gods. Gods.Everywhere.Out of reach.Within reach.Remote, distant.Intimate.Like us,unlike us.Majestic, noble,ignoble.Our best friends.Figures of hate.Our go-to persons.Our fall guys.Gods. Gods.Everywhere.

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“Peanut. That’s my name”

This is an anecdote of when my friends and I once went to Starbucks. (Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a profligate. In fact, I’m quite the opposite, I penny pick in most situations). When we (my friends and I) have some work to do and need free WiFi for it, Starbucks is the […]

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About me ^_^

This post is dedicated to me. I’m going to talk about myself and about a few problems that I face/faced in life and how I deal/dealt with them. I don’t really know if anybody would be able to relate to these problems, but for my own comfort, I’m going to assume that that there are […]

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