About me ^_^

This post is dedicated to me. I’m going to talk about myself and about a few problems that I face/faced in life and how I deal/dealt with them. I don’t really know if anybody would be able to relate to these problems, but for my own comfort, I’m going to assume that that there are people who do.

Problem number 1: Waking up early: It’s so hard. How do people do it? I’m currently on a gap year and my biggest challenge is waking up early. I remember how when I was younger, my grandpa would wake me up by singing this annoying made-up song (that I’ve grown to love now). He’d push the curtains away and continue singing till I woke up. I would go to the extent to say that every time he woke me up like that, it felt like it was a scene from a Disney movie. He would enthusiastically strut into my room, push the curtains away, waiting for the harsh light to do its job of waking people up. All this, while singing a song continuously till I was completely up.

Problem number 2: Hair: Well, not hair by itself but the maintenance of it. I have relatively thick hair that, when let down, tangles so quickly, it could beat lightning with its speed. Detangling my stubborn hair is something that I tend to postpone quite a bit. So most of the days, I shamelessly walk around like a hippie. Bruno Mars’s lyrics, I ain’t gonna comb my hair cause I ain’t going anywhere, is the motto I faithfully follow, except that I don’t really comb my hair even when I’m going somewhere, much to my mum’s dismay.

Problem number 3: Working out: If you’ve read my previous blog post, you’d know I’m not particularly a fan of exercising. It just isn’t working out for me. I see these people on Instagram posting videos of them exercising in fancy gyms and then posting ‘post-workout’ pictures. It motivates me a little to try and when I’ve finally made up my mind to try some exercise out, a Buzzfeed Tasty video pops up on the screen. I don’t need to explain more.

Problem number 4: Un-photogenic me: Speaking of Instagram, I keep losing followers when I don’t post anything for some time. I think about how rude that ex-follower is being and then I try to figure out who it is in order to unfollow them. Why do they not understand that I don’t post anything because there’s nothing interesting happening in my life. That already makes me miserable and seeing a follower less on my list doesn’t help -_-

But coming back to the actual problem. I’m extremely unphotogenic. I don’t really look the way I want to or even look the way I do in real life, in pictures. The photos that I do have on my page are miracle photos or are photos that were picked out of the million other similar ones. When I look at all the pictures I took with my friends and family, every single person looks so good and stylish… and then there’s me. I firmly believe that every camera or the person behind it, somehow has the knack to take unflattering photos of me. Even though evidence suggests that the problem is probably me, I refuse to believe it.

Problem number 5: Baby face: Does anyone else face this where you look younger than you actually are? I agree with the people who say this isn’t really a problem and should be seen as a boon. It is a blessing in a way because you’ll end up looking younger than your peers when you’re older but sometimes, it’s a nuisance. I have been told I have a baby face. Some people don’t believe me when I reveal my true age, which isn’t too old but definitely not as young as they assume. When I was in pre-university college, which is basically 11th and 12th standard, I used to travel in the metro train. I had befriended several of the lady guards who worked at the metro station. One day, towards the end 12th standard, I was returning home from school. The metro lady asked me if my holidays start soon. I said yes. Then, she dropped the bomb. She said, “So, next, ninth standard. How does it feel?” and she wasn’t kidding. I told her I’m done with school and I’m going to college next. She laughed a bit and when I didn’t, she knew I was serious. I’ve had several other instances like this and there’s still a lady who believes I’ve just started college. I haven’t really bothered to correct her.

Problem number 6: Awkward: I’m socially very awkward. I don’t really know what to do and what to say when I’m around many people. I’m okay when it’s a small group of people I know well but when the crowd gets larger so does my awkwardness level. Whom do I talk to? What do I talk about? Do I just sit here like a loner? Do I act like I’m interested in what this aunty has to say? Once a conversation starts, I get less awkward but when I have to be the one to start a conversation, especially with someone who isn’t around my age, it gets hard. Just yesterday, I went for some get-together hosted by a relative. Once we reached, the awkwardness seeped in. My parents, being social people immediately ditched me to go talk to relatives. I was by-myself, sitting next to an uncle who didn’t know what to talk to me about. There was some small talk that took place though. You know, the usual, what are you planning to do next?, How is college?, I’m going to pretend like I understood what you just said but I actually didn’t get any of it. After that, came the uncomfortable silence that I’m so familiar with but not used to. I could tell he was feeling awkward as well. He would look at me, open his mouth to say something and then close it and look front again. Then I’d look at him, smile understandingly, get that smile back and go back to envying those relatives who were busy mingling happily.

Problem number 7: Overachieving kindred: My extended family is huge. I’ve lost count of how many cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, great aunts and great uncles I have. Somehow every person in the family is an achiever, either in one field or multiple. I have relatives who have studied at Ivy League colleges and some who teach at equally prestigious ones. Of course, it’s nice to go around boasting about having such relatives but sometimes, it puts pressure on the younger generation. Don’t get me wrong, my relatives don’t compare anybody’s life or achievements with others’. It’s just a thing of you need to achieve in your life and make yourself and your family proud that every person in the family just knows. It needn’t be said. It’s a done thing. There are very few people in the family who have stopped studying beyond undergrad. Even though it’s hard to keep up sometimes, it gives me the encouragement that I can do it too. Even if I don’t, I could start a show, Keeping with up the Konkans (We have multiple surnames so Konkans it is) where I literally try to keep up with them.

Problem number 8: Being a faineant: That’s just a fancy way of saying I’m lazy. I’m someone who’s laid back about most things. Apparently, a little too laid back (according to my family). In my defense, I take time to do things because they don’t need to be done so quickly. They (my family) don’t think I’m making use of my full potential. I don’t think so either, but I’m unperturbed by it. I believe there’s still some time for that. Besides, I work hard when the matter at hand means a lot to me and that’s exactly why I took only 4 days to write this post.

-The only writer at Aninspired

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