Tried and Tested Cold Remedies

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Having a cold is such a pain, isn’t it? If you’re like me who doesn’t like going to the doctor and getting pills for a common cold, I assure you, these 5 tried and tested Indian remedies will definitely help.

*If you have any health problem or if you are pregnant, please do consult your doctor prior to trying any remedy.

#1: Turmeric milk with pepper: Take half a teaspoon of turmeric and less than half a teaspoon of pepper and add it to one glass of milk and bring the milk to a boil. Once the milk is boiled, consume it before it gets cold. The best time to consume this milk is right before bed. Trust me, this remedy works wonders. There are no side-effects to this remedy and can be consumed by any normal person. 

turmeric milk

#2: Honey and pepper: For people who are lactose intolerant or have a sweet-tooth, this is the ideal remedy to battle a cold. Take one spoon of honey and add less than half a teaspoon of ground pepper into it. Consume this in such a way where the honey and pepper glides down your throat to soothe it. This combination might seem odd but it’s an age-old remedy that has never disappointed me. There is no specific time that you need to consume this remedy but it’s suggested to not consume anything else after you’ve had this.


#3:  Black Tea or Green Tea with ginger: These teas are filled with anti-oxidants that help boost immunity in your body, thereby making your body stronger to fight off viruses. Plus, the feeling of warm tea down your irritated throat is very soothing.

black tea

#4: Jeera Kashayam/Brewed Cumin Water: To prepare this, you need to roast one tablespoon of cumin seeds in a pan till they turn dark brown. Add two cups of water and a small piece of crushed ginger to this. Let it boil till it reduces to half its volume. Add two drops of ghee (clarified butter) to it and strain the water. Best results when consumed warm. Cumin/Jeera has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Other than soothing your throat and boosting immunity, this drink also aids in flushing toxins, cools your body and helps relieve acidity and gastric issues.


#5: Coconut Oil: My house help actually told me about this remedy that they use in her village to get rid of mucus/phlegm, thereby reducing congestion. Coconut oil is also  soothing on the throat and has anti-inflammatory effects which helps your body fight infection. To try this remedy, take one spoon of coconut oil and gulp it down. That’s it. So simple! Might sound odd to a few people and that’s totally understandable. It initially felt weird to me too but when I tried it, it really helped clear out sputum. In case you find it  too weird to directly consume it, you could try mixing it with some warm water. It’s best to limit your dosage to 2 tablespoons (30 ml) max per day, as higher dosages can have a laxative effects.

coconut oil

Freebie tip! :- Steam Inhalation: One major symptom of cold is blocked nose and phlegm accumulation. Steam inhalation combats this particular symptom. If you don’t have a vaporizer/steam inhaler, no worries. Just heat water in a vessel and once it starts to boil, remove the vessel from the stove, place it on a coaster and start inhaling the steam and cover your head with a blanket or a towel in order to trap the steam. The steam helps loosen sinus secretions, thereby relieving you from blocked nose.                             Brownie points: The steam also opens up your pores and helps in achieving clearer skin.


I hope my remedies are as useful to you as they are to me. Please do let me know in the comments section if these worked for you. I’m constantly on the lookout for home remedies for anything and everything so if you have any tip or remedy you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to do so. Feel free to give suggestions or to ask any questions.

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*Images from Shutterstock and Pixabay


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