Simba, our pup

My brother recently (after years of pleading) got himself a pet-pal. We named him Simba because he’s a puppy who thinks of himself as a lion and sometimes, even walks like one. In actuality, Simba is a 5-week-old Labrador puppy who’s fluffy, manner-less and completely unapologetic for his behaviour. He’s going through the first teething phase of his life and bites anything (or anyone) and everything in sight.

Simba and me

He’s our very first pet and we’re super excited and super tired. He demands everyone’s attention, loves taking siestas under sofas and chairs, loves tummy tickles, charms young ladies into giving him back rubs, has great fun chasing people and tugging at their clothes. Since he was in a kennel before we got him, he’s had a pretty sheltered life. He met a cow for the first time the other day and was completely taken aback by the calm cud chewer.

Simba under a chair
Simba looking all innocent

He also got acquainted with another older Lab puppy who lives next door, but didn’t seem too keen on a play date. Rather, he discovered a ceiling fan around the same time and was more interested in it. Simba also loves galloping like a horse around the hall and loves standing on his hind legs and trying to climb on to the sofa to torment those who standing on it in fear of him. (Those mostly being the older ladies in the house.) It’s one of his favorite pastimes. He loudly protests and even scolds us when we put him in his pen/crate, demands to be included in every single conversation and very strongly insists on accompanying us wherever we go.

Simba is also that puppy who will hold his pee in when we take him to the balcony especially for him to do his business and after we bring him back into the house, immediately relieves himself. Not just that, he even stands proudly in front of his piece of work the way Leonardo da Vinci would in front of the Mona Lisa.

My brother, being my brother, has bought Simba the nicest of things. A pretty red chew toy in the shape of a bone, another chew toy made of rope, a nice red soft collar with paw prints on it, actual chew bones for when he’s throwing tantrums, my round green ball, the chicken play toy that I had asked for myself . And, worst of all, he has conferred on him, the title of “Baby of the house”. (You know who used to boast of that title? Me.)

Even though he’s hard to handle sometimes, being around Simba has definitely improved our lives. There’s no need to work-out every day if you have to take care of a puppy like him and even though he hasn’t been in our lives for a long time, he’s changed our lives in a way we could never imagine. He’s that ray of sunshine that brings hope and joy to our lives but is also the same stubborn ray of sunshine that will wake you up in the wee hours of the morning.

– The only writer at Aninspired

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