Everyday Experiences 4 – Exercise isn’t working out for me. (Pun intended)

I’m probably (at the moment) one of the most unfit people you would meet. Exercise and I have a very complicated relationship. More precisely, a love-hate one. I love exercises when they’re easy and hate them when they don’t work.

When I see other people on Instagram with pictures of themselves at the gym or exercising, I’m immediately inspired.

I look up work-out routines on YouTube, download the Healthify me app to keep track of my calorie intake and download other workout apps.

And then I’m done.

For the day, I mean.

The next day I wake up all enthusiastic and pumped to work out.

Okay that’s a lie.

I’m not exactly excited to work out as soon as I wake up, but the constant reminder by the numerous apps and the recommended work-out videos on YouTube sort of compel me to at least try a few of the exercises out. So I do.

I try the beginner’s 5 minute workout and by the end of it, these are the things I realized:

  1. How painfully long 5 minutes are
  2. That I didn’t even do half the exercises (I was concentrating on the the time)
  3. My abs are extremely reluctant to show up
  4. My body is sore and I’m never doing this again. (That is, of course, until I see another pal post a gym picture)

But I must admit, there’s this satisfaction that you get when you’ve successfully (nearly) completed a work-out session.

But that satisfaction, unfortunately, isn’t something that urges me to enthusiastically go through that whole routine again.

I, then, tried a different way that I very wrongly assumed as the easier way of becoming fit. Reducing the consumption of processed sugar.

As someone with a gigantic sweet tooth, one of the worst punishments is not being able to eat sweetmeats to my heart’s content.

It took massive self-control to avoid (having multiple) sweets for a day, and it doesn’t help that every single person in my family has a sweet tooth. I don’t think we’ve ever run out of sweets in our place.

I couldn’t live in such a state. Perhaps a slightly dramatic thing to say, but when you see absolutely no change in one day of exercise (other than the increased pride for completing half of a 5 minute work-out) and there’s temptation of delicacies all around you, temptation wins.

That’s just how it is.

So, clearly, that didn’t work out either.

I’ve come to realize that exercises are like a clingy partner. You need them but you also get tired of them, quite literally with the former.

I don’t know where some people get their motivation from to exercise so diligently every day. Maybe it’s more to do with physical appearance than health. Maybe it’s not. Like I said, I don’t know where the motivation stems from, but I admire it.

And who knows? Maybe one day, I might write a post about how exercise is a major part of my life and actually mean it.

– Still the only writer at Aninspired

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