Everyday Experiences: 2. Awkward

I’m sure there are people who’ve experienced this.

You’re watching a movie on the TV in the living room. It’s a good movie. Decent. Family friendly. Your mum’s somewhere in the house. Your dad and older brother out and you’re the only one watching the movie.

Everything’s cool, you’re enjoying the film and then your mum enters the room. And suddenly, the movie that you thought was completely appropriate for the whole family to watch, turns into an R-rated film.

Things you wouldn’t ever watch with your parents around, are showcased.

I don’t know how it happens every single time, but it does. It’s like the TV just knows. I can literally picture the whole thing. (No pun intended)

“Oh Anin’s mum’s here. Make-out scene time”

If it was a film that had love scenes from the beginning and throughout the film, then okay, I brought the awkwardness upon myself.

But throughout the whole film, there was nothing inappropriate (to watch on TV with my whole family). When my mum enters the room, bam! The couple (who hadn’t even held hands yet) decide that it was time to do a lot more than just that.

Even when I’m watching a sitcom, let’s say, Modern Family, everything’s great and then my mum enters the room and bam! Phil and Claire (2 characters from the show) get all cheesy and the whole mood turns sensuous for them and slightly awkward for me.

My parents aren’t prudes. They know that I know about the birds and the bees. I mean, it would be weird for an adult to not know.

But what I think my mum thinks, is that everything I watch, doesn’t fall under the genre of family-friendly films. And that is a misconception. Even though she doesn’t really say anything, it’s still weird.

There are a few things that you conventionally don’t do with your parents. One of them being watching films that have intimate scenes and sexual innuendoes. It’s just weird.

Usually when its family movie time, if a slightly adult scene comes on TV, my parents just laugh it off. Maybe also because I’m an adult and none of this is unheard of for me. When I was a kid, it was a whole other story.

My dad would suddenly start coughing and would go to the kitchen to get some water and my mum would make some excuse to leave the room, leaving my brother and I, immaturely giggling. They would come back when the scene was done (they’d know by the sound).

Nowadays, I make it a point to check every film privately before playing it on the TV. Sometimes, it works (when it’s an animated film) and sometimes it doesn’t (when I unintentionally skipped through dialogues which had sexual innuendoes while fast- watching the movie)

If this has happened to you too, just know that you’re not alone. Somebody in this world (me) knows you’re not a hormonal teenager and that it isn’t your fault. (Unless you are one. Then, don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it 🙂 ).

– The only writer at Aninspired

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